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  • Weddings

    Due to our building use policy, we're only able to perform weddings for church members. Our church offers a wedding coordinator that helps you facilitate your wedding day.

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  • Funerals

    Our Policy Use & Guidelines

    Please read our Funeral Brochure

    It is the policy of First Presbyterian Church that the deceased or one of his/her family members be a member or friend of the congregation. Funerals are conducted by one of the pastors of First Presbyterian Church. Ordained clergy from another denomination, if requested by the family, may participate subject to the approval of the pastor.

    Our Funeral Director will help coordinate your arrangements for a smooth celebration of life. 
  • Events

    If you are interested in renting out our facility, please do the following:

    1. First, we ask that you thoroughly read our Building Use & Terms document.
    2. Second, we ask that you fill out in its entirety, our updated Building Use Application.
    3. Once you have fully completed the application, please email it to the church office at