2024-25 Registration

Class RegistrationResource Fee Tuition Per Month Tuition Per Year
Teddy Bears (2's) $60 $50 $130 $1,170
Balloons (3's) $60 $50 $130 $1,170
Rainbows (older 3's) $60 $55 $160 $1,140
Sunshines (4's morning) $60 $55 $160 $1,140
Moonbeams (4's afternoon) $60 $55 $160 $1,140
Starlight (older 4's afternoon) $60 $65 $220 $1,980

January 9th begins priority registration which includes past/present/preschool families and  members of First Pres. January 16th it opens to the public. Contact Robin Schaefer with questions.
Please fill out one form per child that you are enrolling. A $60 registration fee will be due by check, cash, or online payment through our Brightwheel APP (you will receive an invite to download it after I receive your application.) Your child must be the appropriate age by September 1st for the 2s, 3s, & 4s classes. Your child must be 4 years old by 12/31 for the older Three's class. Priority will be given to children that are 5 years by 12/31 for the older four's class.